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Boy, sometimes The New York Times is really really bad

Paltering towards oblivion


Greetings, fine readers. The New York Times has scored a hat trick of stupid:

1) Last week, Michael ‘Caliphate’ Barbaro’s The Daily podcast ran blatant ExxonMobil propaganda during the COP26 negotiations. Read Emily Atkin’s simply brutal takedown, if only to learn what “paltering” is.1

2) On Tuesday, Thomas ‘Suck. On. This’ Friedman’s hot take on COP26 was a mash letter to edgelord quarter-trillionaire Elon Musk as the world’s greatest climate hero. Meanwhile, His Muskness (as The Times reports) is considering an offer to raze Indonesian rainforest for his new spaceport.

3) Yesterday, the openly racist Jonathan ‘Lapses’ Weisman, demoted but unbowed, trashed the Build Back Better Act’s funding for electric bikes, planting trees in poor neighborhoods, and doulas.

Kudos to A.G., Dean, and Kathleen for ensuring the efforts of the team of earnest reporters they sent to Glasgow received several rounds of defecation from their colleagues.

GOOD PEOPLE DO GOOD THINGS: The University of Toronto is divesting. David Sirota and some other folks have a new movie coming out.2 Grannies scare a gas company. And a mere three hours after the publication of yesterday’s Hill Heat—which pointed out that the oil and gas industry is profiteering from the rising gas prices driving DC’s inflation panic—White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain called for an investigation into the oil industry’s profiteering from the rising gas prices driving DC’s inflation panic.

FAIRER SKIES AHEAD: Climate hawks are spreading their wings for the 2022 elections — television weatherman Eric Sorenson is running to replace the retiring Democratic Rep. Cheri Bustos in the redrawn Illinois’ 17th swing district.

Climate champion Jamie McLeod-Skinner is running in the redrawn Oregon 5th—incumbent Problem Causer Kurt Schrader has yet to choose whether to stick it out there or make a go in Oregon’s new 6th district.

And progressive insurgents Matt Brown and Cynthia Mendes are looking to take the Rhode Island governor’s mansion3 with an anti-corruption campaign built around the Green New Deal.

Today in Hill Hearings:

If you subscribe to the Times for their pie recipes, I’ve got some good ones too. Unlike the Times: zero Friedman.

1. Yes, I am pretending everyone seeing this isn’t already a subscriber to Emily’s absurdly good newsletter.

2. “Some other folks” is my clever way of referring to Adam McKay, Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, &etc… Obligatory link to Sirota’s absurdly good newsletter.

3 . Metaphorically only: Rhode Island is one of five states with no official residence for its governor.

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