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Some quirkier ideas have emerged

For example: "Real energy security comes from reducing our dependence on fossil fuels"


In “Climate Hawks Join the Debate on Ukraine,” the New York Times’ Blake Hounshell and Leah Askarinam mock Bill McKibben’s call for a major investment in heat pump production to wean Europe from fossil-fuel dependence with the scoff: “Some quirkier ideas have emerged.”

Maybe it would have sounded less “quirky” if these Beltway snobs (formerly at Politico and National Journal) had first read the call for heat pumps now from Very Serious Germans in Tagesspiegel:

Jedes Windrad, jeder Solarpark, jede Biomasseanlage, jede Wärmedämmung, jede Wärmepumpe, die im Laufe dieses Jahres gebaut wird, hilft.1

White House Press Secretary Jen “Shiv” Psaki emphasized how the fossil-fuel industry has completely rolled over the administration’s climate goals, as “U.S. production of natural gas and oil is rising and approaching record levels.”

But Russia’s war means that global oil and gas prices are skyrocketing, which is good for producers but terrible for everyone else who relies on fossil fuels. So, Psaki points out:

“It’s a reminder that real energy security comes from reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.”

Psaki sounds like a great climate activist here. If only the White House had any power over the administration!


WAR CRIMES MEANS BUY: In another quirkier idea, JPMorgan is telling clients to buy Lukoil, because now is a good time to profit from war crimes.2 OPEC want us to focus on “how to decarbonize hydrocarbons.” Aaron Gordon investigates how the USPS bureaucracy killed the electric mail truck.

A fossil-fueled storm front brought deadly tornadoes to Iowa that killed seven on Sunday, flooding rains to Ohio, and record-high heat to the East Coast on Sunday and Monday. And that’s nothing compared to the catastrophic floods in Australia right now.

Hearings on the Hill:

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1. “Every windmill, every solar park, every biomass plant, every thermal insulation, every heat pump that is built in the course of this year helps.”

2. Technically, its corporate debt.

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