Mawar! What Is It Good For?

Absolutely nothing


The Harlan Crow Supreme Court has ruled that wetlands are not part of watersheds. In Sackett v. EPA, the extremist majority rejected a lower court’s judgment that the Clean Water Act’s purpose is to keep water clean, sending it back to them “for further proceedings consistent with this decision.” As Justice Elena Kagen sarcastically wrote:

“Surely something has to be done; and who else to do it but this Court? It must rescue property owners from Congress’s too-ambitious program of pollution control.”

Nearly every major climate and energy research center in American universities is financed by the fossil-fuel industry. In the previous decade, oil, gas, and coal companies have shoveled $677 million to 27 schools—while financing the politicians cutting federal funding for climate and energy research.

A glimmer of good! France has formally banned domestic flights on short routes that can be covered by train in less than two-and-a-half hours to eliminate this source of unnecessary climate pollution.

A Letzte Generation protester in Berlin in 2022

Psychologist, climate activist, and Climate Emergency Fund director Margaret Klein Salamon is in DC this evening to discuss her new book, Facing the Climate Emergency. She believes the best antidote to climate anxiety is radical action. Meanwhile, German cops took decisive action to protect the state from climate protesters backed by the Climate Emergency Fund:

Nationwide raids against members of the German climate protest group Letzte Generation (Last Generation) have been carried out at the behest of authorities in Munich investigating charges that the group is a criminal organisation.

Launched at 7am local time on Wednesday, 170 police officers took part in the raids, which targeted 15 properties in seven German states, including Bavaria and Berlin. On a police directive, the homepage of the group was shut down and possessions belonging to members were seized. There were no arrests.

The seven individuals are accused of setting up a donation campaign with funds of €1.4m (£1.22m) to finance the group’s future legal battles, in order to allow the campaigners to continue their protests, including gluing themselves to roadways and bridges, more recently to vehicles, and holding up traffic, as well as throwing substances at paintings in art galleries and other activities.

Curl up, children, before the burning embers of civilization, and listen to Joe Rogan read the Adam and Eve Story. You know, the story about how climate change is controlled by cataclysmic magnetic pole flipping. Mm, that fire sure is warm tonight.

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